In private gardens, around the home or at the backyard, designing a wide walking path is nothing but wastage of the premium land. A narrow path for a single person is the best choice for home gardens of any scale. It is stepping stones making sense here.

Round Stepping Stones

The shapes of stepping stones may be irregular flagstone type or regular shapes with square, rectangle, circular, or oval. Undoubtedly, the natural stone material is an excellent selection for your stepping stone installation.

Highly experienced exterior designers and contractors are agreeing with round shaped stepping stones due to several reasons, and today I am going to discuss the same here.

Round Shape Covers Minimum Land Area

We know circle has a central point and periphery run around a fixed length of diameter equally in all directions.

Round Shape Covers Minimum Land Area

Therefore, a neat circle covers the least area under it compared to square and rectangle shapes in the geometry. Moreover, we know the stride of an average person is about 18 inches or one and a half foot. If you want to keep your landscape with minimum coverage from pavers, step stones with standard central distance is an excellent choice. It will save more land for covering in the green pasture or other landscaping purposes.

Round Stepping Stones Are Innocent

My argument seems awful, but make sense when you hit by a sharp corner’s edge if left a bit open during the installation or installation is above the soil surface type.

Round Stepping Stones Are Innocent

Round shape has no sharp corner at all. So, I consider rounded stepping stones the most innocent design.

Round Stepping Stones Looks Beautiful in Any Design

When you are designing a pattern or style in design a path using stepping stones, shapes of stones plays a vital role.

Round Stepping Stones Design

Square and rectangular shapes need symmetry in the layout. During installation, it demands special cares and used tools to be precise in keeping lines straight. Against these all odds, round stepping stones offer immense freedom to designers and comfort to the installers.

Keep the central point of round stepping stones into consideration and draw designs even in curves or whatever looks beautiful and useful in your landscape. Round or circle is an organic shape and gives natural feel compared to other shapes or irregular flagstone.

Round Stepping Stones Offers Quick Installation

If you have passed through hurdles of installing irregularly shaped flagstones, you may know how tough the job is and what much time it consumes. The round shape is almost free from all such obstacles during installation also finishing quickly even compared to square or rectangular shaped stones.

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