Stones are a natural product for the construction industry contains inherent natural beauty when appropriate treatments are given. Therefore, the interior and exteriors of homes and offices are designing with various kinds of stones. Monuments and public places are rich with a variety of stones as structural as well as decorative elements.

natural stone myth

However, natural stones pavers have been in use for thousands of years in human civilization. The charms and attractions of various stones are remaining intact today. With the advent of technologies of manufactured construction material, we have plenty of options available that can mimic the natural stones as well as capable of defeating stone in several aspects.

Manufactured materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and RCC-based products have made the decision process tough for the right choice for construction material across the different places. Fortunately, advanced quarrying and stone mason technologies have changed the scenario of the natural stone industry in recent years.

Despite several efforts made by various professional institutions and architectural material associations/bodies, various myths are prevailing in the present market. Myths eventually harm the entire industry and facilitate other material suppliers to take disadvantages of those myths.

I personally feel that such myths or misconceptions developed over time must be debunked as soon as possible. The same belief has inspired me to write a post today.

1 – Natural Stones Are Only For Affluent Class of People

It is true that natural stones were a pricey affair in the early days, but today it is available adequately in the market at the same price of manufactured materials. Another thing is that stones come in different varieties.

So, the prices are not the same for all. It is due to the availability factor, demand & supply rule, and overhead charges including quarrying, transportations, finishing, and installation.

Consult your stone supplier and compare price tags of stones with artificial material. Check projected life span of stones against manufactured material. Here, you will realize the actual price of the stones. Natural stones last for several decades and sometimes more than a century if used & maintained well.

Manufactured materials never beat stones in durability or lifespan.

2 – The Availability of Natural Stone Is Restricted

In early days, we have inadequate transportation facilities on land surfaces as well as sea surfaces. Moreover, the shipping of stones cost dearly. Today, exports of stones are easy and comparatively cheaper. Competitions between exporters and suppliers have made it the cheapest option today.

With the advancements of quarrying technologies and searching tools, new quarries are opening up rapidly and increased the supply of different varieties across the globe.

3 – Natural Stones Are Tough To Maintain

This one is the worst myth and prevents many to choose stones for the diverse applications. Many believe that stones are easily stained and tough to remove stains. Unfortunately, it is farther than the truth if you know enough about the stones and their maintenance. For instance,

Stones are chiefly falling into two categories, siliceous and calcareous. Properties of siliceous stones are different from calcareous stone, so their applications and treatments in the maintenance program.

In most of cases, spills and stains can easily remove with plain water or washing detergent solutions. We hardly need strong treatments to remove deep stains. If it is so, it is neither costly nor tough.

Regular dirt sweeping and washing schedule keep the beauty of your stones as such for years. Sealing or coating make stones stain-resistant.

4 – Natural Stones Are Out of Fashion Material

Do you know each piece of natural stone is completely unique in itself? Variations in colors, patterns, grains, shapes, and sizes provide enough options to create a stunning design.

The design trends may fade with the pace of time, but stones are timeless. Timeworn effects make stones more beautiful, aesthetics, and natural than ever. Therefore, stones are increasing the value of your property in the long run and offer a decent return in many ways.

Different types of finishing are also offering variations in styles and applications. Costlier stone varieties such as marble, granite, travertine, and so on are never go out of fashion and become a matter of pride for property owners.

5 – Restoration of Natural Stones Is Problematic

Tiles and slabs of natural stones sometimes show cracks or breaks due to various reasons such as falling a weighty substance, earthquake, and intentional or accidental damages.

Usually, damages occur on one or two tiles, or a number of tiles fall in a specific area. Many a time, grouts between the stones damaging and need restoration. If you consult experienced and expert stone mason, they will restore all easily. You need to remove stones on the entire surface and install everything right from scratch.

6 – Natural Stones Are Demanding Extra Precautions

Many stone types are great at heat resistance. You can use granites, sandstones, and travertine like stones as kitchen countertops. Of course, use of trivets is advisable when landing a hot utensil right from the stove. Otherwise, damages due to the heat of the stove or somewhat heated pots are rare occurrences.

The same appliesto the manufactured material, so you don’t need anything extra as precautionary steps to keep your stones beautiful and long-lasting. You can coat or seal the stones with high quality sealants and save it from various damages while using it or wash it.

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