So you have created a beautiful garden with a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees. Moving on a green lustered grass with bare feet is a kind of therapy and healing your body, mind, & soul at a greater extent.

garden stepping stones

However, itis not true at all times. Your guest may dislike moving barefooted in a wet & muddy garden. It is most likely during rainy days, or you have sprinkled water in your garden just now.

I mean, a defined walkway or path may prove a great idea to protect your garden or yard from trampling feet. A track with stepping stones in your garden can guide your guests intuitively and in funny ways.

Of course, we have various options to construct and lay stepping stones for a path in the garden. However, I consider natural stone material as an excellent choice out of all. It is because I know some distinct advantages of natural stones for the construction of a stepping stone path in the garden.

So, I am going to describe at least ten benefits of natural stepping stones in the garden today.

1. It Requires Less Material to Construct a Natural Stepping Stone Path in the Garden or Patio

Construct a Natural Stepping Stone


Have you marked ever that how we lay stepping stones? We leave a standard gap between two stepping stones on a path. It is known as the stride of an average adult human, and 18 inches is a standard around the world. Bear in mind that stride distance is from a centre of one stone to the centre of next stone. It never is from an edge of a stone to the edge of the next stone.

It ultimately reduces the total count of stepping stone area and numbers of natural stones needed to create a path against a filled or solid path.

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