Swimming pool in hot climatic regions is a luxury and nice addition when you have to cope with scorching heat in summer.

Types of Swimming Pools

By Usage:

However, swimming pools are of different types. For instance,

  • The most of Private or residential swimming pools whether belong to a garden or in a backyard patios and use for leisure activities.
  • Hospitality and healthcare industries host Commercial swimming pools, and use for exercise, recreation, and therapeutic aims.
  • Civic bodies create Public swimming pools, learning, and recreational purposes.
  • The swimming sports clubs or bodies & educational institutions build Competition Pools to held swimming competitions or tournaments.
  • Resorts have Infinity Pools simulating infinite edge of water by matching with sky or sea water to woo their customers.

By Construction:

The above-ground pools are a few in practice only ocean-liner, and cruise ship pools are of an above-ground type.  The majority of private swimming pools are in-ground pool types.

in-ground pool types

Some are ranging in between and term as semi-types of a swimming pool.

Anatomy of a Swimming Pool

The common structural and architectural elements of a swimming pool remain almost the same in all kinds of pools. Size, shape, depth, and water flow only are changing among the different types.

Anatomy of a Swimming Pool

  • Basin or bottom-floor creates a bottom of the water reservoir of the pool


  • Side walls help in water retention in the pool reservoir and provide a barrier to the land surrounding the pool reservoir.


  • The pool deck offers floors on the surrounding surface of the pool


  • Pool coping gives an edge to the top border of the pool and boundaries to the pool deck.

So, today we are going to discuss the benefits of pool coping, particularly with natural stone material. Before it, we must know the basic of pool coping like types of pool coping at tech viewpoints.


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