Swimming pool in the backyard is a luxury in itself. It is a nice place for personal retreat such as relaxing and unwinding under the sun. The commercial swimming pools in hotels and spa demand beauty and sophistication to please the users or guests.

Natural Stones in Swimming Pools

You can bring creativity by introducing natural rock fountain in the midst of the pool or at a corner. You can beautify the pool by decorating the deck, coping, side-walls, pool ground, and pool surrounding using various pool construction material.

However, we have a number of options to select an appropriate material to construct and decorate your swimming pool, but warmth and texture of natural stones are unbeatable.

Apart from these, natural stones bring several apparent and hidden advantages to your swimming pool and surrounding areas. The current post is aiming to list such pros in a short but sweet manner.

Benefit 1 – Waterproof

Siliceous stones are less porous than rests types. It is due to a fundamentally dense molecular structure. The water absorption capacity of siliceous stones is ranging in between 1% to 2% while some stone types have less than 1%. Calcareous stones types have 2% to 4% water absorption capacities due to high permeability and comparatively porous structure.

We know the swimming pool is the highest damp area thanks to a big pool of water in it. Therefore, the ground of pool and side walls should be waterproofed. Unlike clay-based bricks and RCC materials, natural stones have inherent capacities to resists water absorption and save the structure from ensues following it. The proper sealing and coating with the best material make the pool structure 100% waterproof.

Benefit 2 – Sturdy

In comparison to other materials used in swimming pool constructions, stones have the highest flexural strength. In typical cases, we expect 10 to 20 MPa (Mega Pixel) strength for construction in any structural material. Fortunately, stones have 20 to 30 Mpa and more strength that enables structural engineers and civil engineers to alleviate dependency on RCC.

The swimming pool is being frequented by users. Deck surfaces and coping demand strong base/surfaces to provide a safe walk and dives in the water. Thus, we must apply strong and sturdy material in the construction of pools. Fortunately, the stone is the unbeatable choice as the sturdiest material. It is thanks to its high flexural strength and availability in desired strength and thickness.

For instance, marbles are comparatively soft while granite, travertine, and slate are sturdy materials among the stones. However, you should follow the instructions of stone suppliers or your consultants before selecting the stones types for the different areas of your swimming pool.

Benefit 3 – Durable

Natural stones are long lasting compared to manufactured materials used in the construction of the swimming pool. Bricks and other materials last only for decades whereas stones gracefully pass centuries.

Stones are colorfast material and never fade over time. With the pace of time, stones are depicting time-worn effects which again considered as natural aesthetics and increase the value of the property!

Benefit 4 – Heat Resistant

In some areas of the world, slate stones are used as roofing material. Stones are considering as the best material for countertops. Why? It is heat resistant capabilities of various stones render them as excellent material for external and internal areas where heat can damage the construction.

Some stone types are incredibly cool and enable comfortable barefoot walking even within desert areas. Swimming pools used to be in open spaces, and temperate regions experience scorching heat in the summer month.

Benefit 5 – Frost Resistant

Swimming pools in cold areas are experiencing freeze and thaw cycles. It can damage the flexural strength of the exterior construction material. Heavy snow place substantial weight on the floors. When snow is melting, it triggers water born issues like staining and dampening effects.

Fortunately, natural stones have high flexural strength than any other construction material, and in bonus, stones are simple to wash or easy to clean the frost.

Benefit 6 – Stunningly Beautiful

Natural stones tell the history of geological changes one way. For instance, embedded fossils changed chemistry over time due to compressions, heat, cold, and other natural factors.

These changes leave impressions in the mass of stones in the form of color variations, grains, and veins. Just like wood, stones also are exhibiting various patterns and render each piece completely unique.

Each stone type has its beauty. It is only experienced stone mason can augment it. It is possible by designing your swimming pool by picking stone peculiarities and convert your landscapes into a canvas of nature.

Some stones give soothing effects while some have natural healing properties such as Onyx. Some designs and patterns can trigger imagination in your mind and engage such a way that you will forget all anxieties for a while when resting after a swim.


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