Most of the Hard/Landscaping elements are a part of the curb appeal of your property. Gate, walkways, and driveways are early elements that your guest encounter even before entering into your premise or ring/knock the entry door in your porch. In early days, stone pavers and gravels were common material to construct the driveway in any property.

Driveway Pavers

With the introduction of Asphalt and Cement-concrete like new inventions, patterns have changed in the selection of materials for driveways. However, recent advancements in stones from quarrying to treatments and distribution have made natural stone available and affordable for all.

Masons, contractors, architects, and landscape designers are now favoring and recommending natural stone paving for most of the driveway constructions if you opt for the reasons behind in the shift the current post can give you some useful hints and helps you to make the right decision for your driveway construction project.

Let’s see why driveway stone pavers are the best choice to boost your home value in 2019 and beyond.

Driveway Stone Pavers Are Durable

Driveway Stone Pavers Are Durable
If we look at the scientific properties of different stones, we can easily conclude that –


Natural stones are the hardest material against most of the other construction materials if measured at Moh’s scale.

It means the standard wearing and tearing had low impacts when you laid stones for driveway paving. Sometimes stones last for more than a century and cobblestones used in driveway constructions in European and American countries are ideal examples of it.


Driveway Stone Pavers Are Sturdy

Stone Types (lbf) Crushing Weight (lbf/in2) Shearing Strength (lbf/in2) Strength
Sandstone 150 8000 1500
Granite 170 15000 2000
Limestone 170 6000 1000
Marble 170 10000 1400
Slate 175 15000
Stones have high shearing strength and overall strength. Siliceous stones are sturdier than calcareous stone types.

Crushing capacities of rocks are higher than other material, so stones are not easily breaking or cracking against normal pressures. Load-bearing capacities of stones are commendable, so when used in driveway construction, it can bear the load of heavy vehicle and high foot traffic. Spall or surface failure is never an issue for stone paving in your driveway, and the same look-n-feel observed throughout the lifespan of stone pavers.

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