When an architect along with its team, including civil engineers, structural engineers, and others going to design any space they prioritize aesthetics the most. Aesthetics remain at the center while designing the spatial mood, coordinating themes and motifs, as well as establishing the utility of the spaces.

When you think of using natural stone as a prime material to bring superb aesthetics in your spatial designs, some fundamental regarding stone finishes must clear in your mind. Thereby, I am going to introduce you top 10 (ten) types of natural stone finishes appropriate for different applications, including indoor & outdoor.

No.1 – Natural Cleft

Natural Cleft
Typically, it is the absence of treatment to leave a stone in natural status. The finish occurred when rocks quarried carefully following a standard procedure. Slate and Limestone like rocks have natural layers within them. If the cut has made parallel to or on the exact natural fissure of the layer, it apart into dimensional stones ready to use without applying any artificial or manual finish.


Therefore, it is the cheapest and the most natural cleft to enhance the aesthetics of your spaces. Natural clefts popularly known as untreated flagstones and use mainly for exterior applications like the creation of paths, patios, and façade with exterior wall cladding.

If we are going to list the main characteristics of natural cleft, we can go the following way.

  • It has a natural & rustic matte finish.
  • Each piece has a unique texture and pattern on the surfaces.
  • It has slightly uneven surfaces with little to no smoothness.
  • Surfaces of the natural cleft are anti-skid or anti-slip.
  • Thereby, it is ideal for wet areas like swimming pool and garden paths where watering happens regularly.
  • It is available in most of the regions of the world locally so, prove a cheaper alternative to other kinds of paving material.


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