Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs Utah Jazz Odds, Lineups, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/24 3:58A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns have been big game hunters so far this year, boasting a 10-4 record against teams with 25 wins or more this season. However, in the Western Conference at least, one wild beast still remains on their kill list an all too familiar...

Should the Phoenix Suns Pursue Paul Millsap as he Departs Brooklyn?

Valley of the Suns 1/23 4:27P Collin Helwig
Paul Millsap kept his standards quite high this past offseason. In seeking a new deal, he spoke only with the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, and Golden State Warriors three of the top four teams currently between each conference. As the fourth...

JaVale McGee Rotation Spot in Trouble with Phoenix Suns?

Valley of the Suns 1/23 9:13A Collin Helwig
If you were to walk down East Jefferson Street on a Saturday night and ask a few Phoenix Suns fans which offseason acquisition has impressed them the most this year, their likely answer would be none other than high-flyer JaVale McGee. Granted,...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs Indiana Pacers Odds, Lineups, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/22 1:00A Collin Helwig
Say what you want about their record or the flimsiness of their front office this year, but the Indiana Pacers have guts. Last night they knocked off the Golden State Warriors without all five typical starters, and tonight they plan to aim high...

Re-Grading Landry Shamet Trade for Suns Halfway through the Season

Valley of the Suns 1/21 1:00A Collin Helwig
Behind Devin Booker, the only shooting guards on the Phoenix Suns depth chart last year were E Twaun Moore and Langston Galloway who collectively averaged just 8.2 points per game and now find themselves off the team. Needless to say, Phoenix...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight Dallas Mavericks Odds, Lineups, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/20 6:42A Collin Helwig
Any bout between the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks deserves some extra attention. Featuring stars Devin Booker, Luka Doncic, Chris Paul, and Kristaps Porzingis, the cast for tonight s event rivals that of The Avengers or Zach Snyder s...

3 Phoenix Suns we Want to See in the Dunk Contest or 3-Point Contest

Valley of the Suns 1/20 1:00A Collin Helwig
As of this morning, NBA All-Star weekend stands just one month away. With the Phoenix Suns running through teams left and right, currently boasting a 34-9 record, this first stretch of the regular season flew by faster than Cameron Payne on a...

Should the Phoenix Suns Trade for Sharp Shooter Eric Gordon?

Valley of the Suns 1/19 3:10P Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns find themselves as well positioned as possible as we move into the NBA season s latter half. But with trade season meanwhile reaching its peak, the Valley Boys still find themselves rumored in deals just like any other team....

Ex Suns GM Defends Frank Vogel and Takes a Shot at the Lakers

Valley of the Suns 1/19 1:00A Collin Helwig
Only on the rarest occasions will you see a former Phoenix Suns affiliate defend a Los Angels Laker against the Lakers themselves. But last night, we got just that, so feel free to go buy a bunch of lottery tickets on your ride home from work...

3 Things the Suns Must do in Order to win the 2021-22 NBA Title

Valley of the Suns 1/18 12:00P Geoffrey Godfrey
Right now, the Phoenix Suns are currently second in the West with a fantastic record of 34-9. However, the Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies are nipping at their heels. They will need to do more than just continue to play hard...

3 Trade Deadline Deals Involving Suns Big Man Dario Saric

Valley of the Suns 1/18 7:04A Collin Helwig
An NBA championship requires all hands on deck, and with the Phoenix Suns sailing in that direction, they need contributions coming in from all their roster spots. Unfortunately, that leaves the beloved but injured big man Dario Saric as trade...

Why the Phoenix Suns are in Good Hands even without Deandre Ayton

Valley of the Suns 1/17 1:05P Stephen Garner
Sunday s matinee matchup vs the Detroit Pistons saw the Phoenix Suns take another road victory, and Deandre Ayton go down with a sprained right ankle. The injury occurred after Ayton stepped on Devin Booker s foot during the first quarter. After...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs San Antonio Spurs Odds, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/17 5:23A Collin Helwig
Although most Valley sports fans are more likely to watch the Arizona Cardinals in their playoff bout with the Los Angeles Rams tonight, the Phoenix Suns will simultaneously do battle with the San Antonio Spurs for the third time this year and...

How Suns Big Bismack Biyombo is Remembered by Former Coach

Valley of the Suns 1/16 12:00P Tyler Boronski
With a rare early afternoon game scheduled between the Phoenix Suns and Detroit Pistons today, each team s head coach spoke with the media at the same time they would normally be drinking their morning coffees. However, with everyone playing...

3 Trade Deadline Mistakes the Phoenix Suns Must Avoid

Valley of the Suns 1/15 3:53A Collin Helwig
No matter the sport, everyone wants their favorite team s GM to turn into Billy Beane from that trade deadline scene in Moneyball at least once or twice each season, fearlessly cutting deals and fleecing opponents left and right. For the Phoenix...
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