How to Wear Combat Boots in 2021

Style Sizzle 1/15 2:59A Marlene
I LOVE the combat boots trend for women. It’s comfortable, it’s cute, it’s casual. It’s a great go-to mom shoe. In fact, ever since I got my combat boots I’ve worn them nearly everyday of the week!...

Top 11 Bestsellers for 2020

Style Sizzle 1/8 7:11A Marlene
Happy New Year, friends! So, 2020 was an interesting one. I guess we ll see where 2021 takes us, but here s to making the best of it. This week, I m rounding up the top sellers of the year, in case...

2020 and the Heartbreak

The Chic Daily 12/30 6:30A The Chic Daily
By McKenna Leavens I have found myself repeating the same patterns, trying to love the same guy who hurt me, and putting my energy in places where it isn’t reciprocated. Why? Why do I do this? Why do I go back to the same person who once hurt me,...

Carrie Fisher Top 5 Fashion Moments

The Chic Daily 12/27 1:30A The Chic Daily
By Morgan Cole The legend, ultimate icon, and our princess, Carrie Fisher, passed away four years ago today. Her death was a devastating loss that shocked the world as she was only 60 years old at the time of her passing. As dreadful as this news...

Casual New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea

Style Sizzle 12/9 5:54A Marlene
JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. This New Year s is certainly looking different than those past for many of us. Well to be honest, mine with...

The Weeknd Ends the Year Without a Grammy

The Chic Daily 12/2 7:58A The Chic Daily
By Scott Daniels This year froze touring plans, delayed production on new projects, and was terrifying to artists across the board. But the music created during this time has shown that artistry won’t die in a pandemic. Which leads us back to...

November Outfit Diary

Style Sizzle 12/2 6:00A Marlene
This year has reminded me a lot of newborn life: it s been simultaneously slow yet somehow flying by. December is finally here, and I m so grateful we can all find some fun in holiday cheer! Today, I...

The Body Positive Movement: A Body Revolution

The Chic Daily 11/27 10:23A The Chic Daily
By Krush Sood Fat. Thin. Curvy. Skinny: Most of us have probably looked in the mirror and thought of one of these words at one point or another. In the age of social media, we live in a time where women’s bodies are displayed and judged on a...

Harry Styles’ Inspiring Fashion

The Chic Daily 11/27 6:30A The Chic Daily
By Grace Copperthite Harry Styles was the first man to appear on the cover of Vogue, and he did so in a billowy, elegant dress. His cover picture was not without controversy; many praised him for his daring choice to break down gender bias in...

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

The Chic Daily 11/25 8:59A The Chic Daily
By Morgan Cole The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without food. Thanksgiving is regularly called “turkey day” because some people think that the point of Thanksgiving is to eat turkey. I actually believe that the meaning of Thanksgiving is to...

2020 Holiday Gift Ideas

Style Sizzle 11/24 7:49A Marlene
The 2020 Holiday gift guide is here! Consider this your go-to resource on all things holiday gifting. I ll continue to update this page as new gift guides roll out, so be sure to bookmark it (you can PIN to Pinterest) and come back later. Scroll...

Novel Ice Cream: Food Review

The Chic Daily 11/24 5:44A The Chic Daily
By Grace Copperthite I first discovered Novel Ice Cream through my mom, she had a plan to try every award-winning food in Phoenix, and Novel’s accomplishments surely caught her attention. Novel Ice Cream is tucked away in the cutest little plaza...

Emily in Paris, A Hit or Miss?

The Chic Daily 11/20 6:19A The Chic Daily
By Lauren Lippert By the end of episode two, I knew Netflix’s new series “Emily in Paris,” written by “Sex and The City’s” Darren Star, was going to be about everything I had hoped it to be. Flirty, passionate, and thrilling. It’s a typical...

Depop Buyer and Seller Don’ts

The Chic Daily 11/18 7:03A The Chic Daily
By Angela Anderson and Grace Copperhite If both sellers and buyers stick by these tips and unwritten rules of Depop, together we can make our online community stronger and more productive for everyone. 1) Overprice As a seller, make sure that...
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