The Best Hair Products to Protect Curly Hair from the Sun

The Chic Daily 9/30 9:50A The Chic Daily
By Isabella Fredrickson Carefree coils, wild and wonderous waves, tasteful twists, spectacular spirals, and captivating curls. There is no doubt that naturally, curly hair is beautiful, but as curly girls everywhere know, caring for them is no...

10 Times Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was a Fashion Icon

The Chic Daily 9/29 8:02A The Chic Daily
By Isabella Schneider The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shook America. She was a feminist icon who championed women’s rights and was a role model for women everywhere. As the first Jewish female justice, she became an icon...

Zendaya Makes History at 67th Annual Emmy Awards

The Chic Daily 9/28 7:39A The Chic Daily
By Caitlin Estes Zendaya made history this past week at the 67th annual Emmy awards, winning the coveted title of best lead actress for her performance as Rue in HBO’s series “Euphoria.” This moment was particularly special, as the 24-year-old is...

Tik Tok Made Me Talk To My Former Crushes

The Chic Daily 9/24 11:00A The Chic Daily
By: Grace Copperthite When I feel impulsive, I usually get a new piercing, go on an adventure with my friends, or learn a new recipe. During quarantine at 11 p.m., one can only do so much to satisfy the feeling of bravery, so I turned to Tik Tok....

Advocacy and Athleisure: a Nguyen-Nguyen Situation

The Chic Daily 9/23 11:11A The Chic Daily
By Isabella Schneider March of 2020 did not appear as an opportune time to start a business. It was the beginning of many states’ lockdowns, and the economy was beginning to suffer. However, to Ducal Hoang, founder of athleisure clothing company...

A Girls Guide to All-Things Football

The Chic Daily 9/22 10:30A The Chic Daily
By Morgan Cole Are you watching the big game on Sunday with a guy and have no idea what he’s saying? Are you asking yourself, “What the hell is a down?” or “What do they mean when they say fumble?” I’m here to help you so that the next time...

A Guide to Dr. Martens: Style Review + Look-book

The Chic Daily 9/18 12:21P The Chic Daily
By Emma Oyen Doc Marten shoes allow for individual style while also being a streetwear classic. There are so many styles to choose from which is why the shoes are so loved and versatile! But what if you love them all? Which pair should you...

Photoshoot At Home Challenge

The Chic Daily 9/17 2:19P The Chic Daily
By Jordan Mclain When it comes to social media, Youtube is by far my favorite. I noticed a new trend circling around Youtube of several influencers attempting to do an at-home photo shoot challenge. When COVID hit, hiring photographers, and going...

Weekly Round-up of Sustainable, Handmade and Vintage Instagram Brands

The Chic Daily 9/16 8:23A The Chic Daily
By Sydney Rich It’s #SecondHandSeptember and what better way to celebrate than to share a curated selection of sustainable, handmade vintage shops. Second Hand September is a 30-day pledge to say NO to purchasing new clothes that put pressure on...

To Settle Down or to Mess Around?

The Chic Daily 9/7 8:46A The Chic Daily
By McKenna Leavens 99% of the reason why we get our feelings hurt is due to our expectations not being fulfilled. We are always asking either too much or too little of people.  We meet a guy or a girl and expect the date to go well or the first...

Choose Joy, Choose You

The Chic Daily 8/31 12:02P The Chic Daily
By McKenna Leavens Recently, there has been a common theme in my life about choices.  I have heard an overwhelming amount of people complain about their current situation, whether it be romantically or in their academic careers. So, with that...
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